Making Marines: Training

This next series of photos are a culmination of some training exercises the recruits go through. It’s not what I feel is the most complete since we were there only five days. These were a few exercises we witnessed. 




The log exercise is to demonstrate team strength.


















The recruits were to hang upside down and climb down a wire to ground. The DIs would yell out instructions to hang freely then pull themselves back up.







































The Bayonet Assault Obstacle Course is what the recruits run fully at the end of their training. Until then, they will only run portions of it. It is to simulate live combat and how they have to gain back ground in a battle.

















































We were able to witness a rare moment in the recruits’ time. When the DI takes off his hat and talks with the recruits about topics with an almost endless range of topics. This talk was about sexual harassment.



Recruits demonstrated their physical training course, which at the end are to perform to graduate.




Recruits practiced with M16A4’s that weren’t loaded first. I wish we had more time to photograph this. I took this literally as we were walking into a building for our next event.













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8 Responses to Making Marines: Training

  1. Les Curnow says:

    We have a son who is with Kilo Co who came to MCRD that first night. Have not seen a picture of our son, but just seeing these pictures is reward enough! Looking forward to more pictures. You are the subject of many happy parents praise on marineparentsnetwork . Thanks so much putting these pictures on the web, you have no idea how much happiness you have given to so many worried mothers. Thanks again, Looking forward to,more pics!! Hint Hint

  2. Marlys says:

    Chris, My son, Anders, is in 2 photos, the 40th and 42nd from the top. He is the redhead that was interviewed the last week of bootcamp in the office. Is there a way that I can purchase a copy of these? And, I too appreciate the photos of bootcamp, words cannot describe the actual things that go on. Your photos are so well done, Thanks. Marlys

  3. lynn olkives says:

    my son is in Mike co, platonn 3267 I see him in one of your photos in the osseo maple grove press. – he is about to make his phone call, he has red hair and a gray t-shirt on. Thanks for doing this. I can’t wait to show him all these photos when he returns so he can tell us all about his experience and maybe recognize some of the poeple.

  4. Karen Olson says:

    Chris, I am saddened to read there will not be any more photos from your visit to San Diego. I know there are many, many parents from across the US who have been checking into this paper to get a glimpse of their son. I am one of them. Unfortunately, I was not able to see him in any photos, but if there is any way you can put up some kind of slide show with the 2700 photos taken you would make myself and many other followers very happy. If you ever do, please let me know, I’d be up all night searching and so would others. Thank you very much,

    • Hi Karen,
      I have exhausted all my photos, though am still waiting on photos that the editor I went with took. I’m very hopeful to get a slideshow going soon. Thanks for following, and again hopefully he will have those photos to me at some point in the near future.

  5. DebbieRobinson says:

    Thanks Chris, these photos right from the beginning have given us parents of Kilo company something to look forward to. No photos of my son this time, but I agree just seeing what is going on there helps tremendously.

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