Making Marines: End of a journey, beginning of a new one

The last in the series of the “Making Marines.” From recruit to Marine in three months, the emblem ceremony where the recruit is presented the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, symbolizing them as Marines and no longer recruits. The ceremony takes place as the recruits are finishing the Crucible, the ultimate and final test of their boot camp. This is 54 hours of food and sleep depravation. The end is capped off with the Reeper, a near-vertical climb. Many Marines are so proud there are tears streaming down some of their faces. We weren’t allowed to get in front so I was not able to fully capture expressions, which I would have loved to get!

The recruits line up in preparation to receive their Eagle, Globe and Anchor.










Tears stream down the face of one recruit. Would have been a more powerful shot to get up close.


Mud-caked boots are a result of the Crucible.















The DIs present the emblems to their recruits, they have traveled with the recruit through the journey of the Crucible. A very powerful moment between recruit and DI.



What the new Marines earn.


















Graduation takes place one week after the Crucible and emblem ceremony. The new Marines get a 10-day leave, then return to Pendleton to really start their training as Marines.
































The recruits that finish top in their company are presented with a special honor.

















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2 Responses to Making Marines: End of a journey, beginning of a new one

  1. Theresa Gustafson says:

    It is a really amazing journey these young Marines are on. My son is currently a Marine serving in CA. Your pictures of the EGA ceremony are a special glimpse of an emotional event in each of these young adults lives.. So much dedication & hard work goes into achieving the Honor to be called a US Marine. It was touching to see the pictures.Thank you for sharing them.

    Theresa Gustafson/ USMC Mom

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