Food for a blog – The first post

Food is apart of every culture around the world. It is something that drives conversation, reunites loved ones and is something that does far more than just sustains humans. Food and the art of cooking, that it truly is an art, is something that has become more apart of me. This sub-blog as I’ll call it will show the culture of food and it’s role in people’s everybody lives.

Fresh tomatoes can be used with so many things.

I don’t know where this will evolve or where it might take me. Though, if I can showcase somethings I’ve picked up to pass along then I hope it accomplishes something.

Something that will be an emphasis is how that, even for a fairly reasonable price, cooking can be something that can be done with fresh ingredients to make a meal in which is better than a lot of alternatives. Using simple, fresh ingredients to even “doctor a take-home/frozen pizza.

So without further ado,  the first blog post will be just that. Taking sliced mushrooms, grated fresh cheese, sliced tomato and some spices can really add flavor to a pretty simple pizza.


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