Shiitake – A first use in my kitchen

Shiitake mushrooms have a chewier texture than regular white or portabellas, but their taste is rich.

I met a farmer in spring named Roy. Meeting Roy through a preview story I did for the Excelsior’s Farmers’ Market, I interviewed Roy on his Shiitake mushrooms that he grows as one of his sale items at the market. He explained the process in which the mushrooms are grown I met up with Roy later in the summer at the farmers’ market where he gave me some mushrooms to take home.

Having some leftover egg noodles I wanted to get rid of and knowing the mushrooms would go well with an Asian theme I decided to do a pasta with mushroom sauce. Using a base for the sauce made of up soy, hoisin, fresh basil bought at the market, sriracha, garlic and  an assortment of spices I sauteed the mushrooms with the sauce. Cooking the chicken with lime juice, salt, pepper, paprika, thyme and a spicy sesame glaze. I combined fresh cut peppers with and dinner was ready.


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